Nottingham University is home to a flourishing network of popular science authors, and in December 2022, we came together to send our first ten bundles of signed books to local secondary school libraries and physics departments. We hope to inspire the next generation of scientists, or indeed writers, and show the community the frontier of the research that goes on here.


Emma Chapman (me!) – First Light: Switching on Stars at the dawn of time

Mark Humphries – The Spike: An epic journey through the brain in 2.1 seconds

Antonio Padilla – Fantastic numbers and where to find them

Philip Moriarty – When the Uncertainty Principle Goes to 11: Or How to Explain Quantum Physics with Heavy Metal

Izzie Clarke (alumna) – The Year in Space

Becky Smethurst (alumna) – A Brief History of Black Holes


Please let us know if you have read one of our books in your school library. We would love to hear if you plan to study science at university!