I established First Light Outreach as a company dedicated to sharing the excitement of the era of the first stars to as wide an audience as possible. The other branch of my company utilises my expertise in ensuring gender equality in academia.

I have spoken about my science to a hotpot of different groups:

Baby groups

Evening class amateur astronomers

Cheltenham Science Festival

New Scientist Live (biggest audience of the day and over-capacity)

University science festivals

Royal Institution science colloquia

A Space-themed clothing fashion launch

BBC Radio 4 Inside Science, and the Today programme

I have also consulted on television productions and written a book for Bloombury Sigma.

For my campaigning work, I regularly speak to the media. For example, I have spoken on Sky News, Channel 5 News, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, LBC, BBC World Service… and I blog for the 1752 Group, a campaign organisation of which I am co-director.

If you have an event that you would like me to speak at, or a project you require consultation on, please contact me or my agent Elizabeth Sheinkman.