I have two kids under 5 years old and I can’t help but get excited by science, coding and astronomy themed activities! I will list a few of my favourite items and resources here.


  • ESA Fun Book: This is a great free downloadable and printable activity book by the European Space Agency. It has dot-to-dot satellites, cut and paste moon phases, DIY Hubble galaxy mobile and tons of mazes and colouring in.


  • I love Lottie dolls because they are properly proportioned dolls with fun themes such as Stargazer Lottie . She comes with her own telescope, mini planet collectors cards and a little leaflet on Notable Women in Astronomy. The Fossil Hunter Lottie is brilliant too.
  • A great astronaut costume for pretending to blast off into space.
  • This Solar System puzzle may not be an entirely accurate picture of the Solar System but its BIG and FUN and CHEAP.
  • The Fisher Price Code-a-pillar is a modular toy where kids around 2 or 3 can get a lot of fun by putting the caterpillar together in different ways, with each section being a different movement i.e. forward, right, left. Even if you ignore the education value it’s a lot of fun for little ones to chase about when you press Go.
  • Moving on from the coderpillar is the Code & Go Robot Mouse. My 4 year old loves this and it really gets her laying out the commands in a logical way. Also… you can just put it in the floor, bash random buttons and watch it go which the 2 year old appreciates.
Image Credit: Mission Meerkat, http://www.ska.ac.za/outreach/mission-meerkat/